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molding processes

CPM has different size molding machines to fit the customer's requirement; large or small product, specialty or standard products CPM can meet your requirements. CPM serve ten + product industries and continuing to expand as we reach out to new customers. If you are looking for a manufacturer that molds in your fastener inserts, molds in your labeling / graphics, and / or molds in your foam, Concept Plastics manufacturing is your team of professional to get it done no matter the size of the product.

Foaming Processes

CPM processes with two types of foam raw materials, urethane and polyethylene, and each use a different process method but both serve the same end product results. 

  1) Thepolyethylene foam requires in-molding process, meaning it is put into the product mold while the plastic part is being produced.

       The foam expands and fuses to the base plastic product inner wall. The end product application primary use is for adding structure.  

        However, it does serve as minimum insulation function as well. The polyethylene foam process requires a special storage container,  

        (Drop Box),  to be mounted to the product mold / tooling. 

  2) The urethane foam requires a two part chemical reaction and can be accomplished with spraying, injection, and pouring processes

       methods. CPM uses the spraying and injection process methods and provides three base urethane raw materials; floatation, (coast

       guard approved), insulation, (various "R" factor rating), and structural, (range 2.8 - 10.0 lbs./cu ft). Typically, but not always, with foam

       injection process product fixtures are required so to maintain the end product shape.

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secondary processes

CPM processes numerous post molding operations to assist the customer with their finished product. Each customer is different and CPM will adjust to meet the customer's product requirements. The typical post operations that a plastic product goes through with CPM are quality point checks, rough and finish trimming, necessary shrink / cool fixtures, router cut opening, drilling holes, spin welding fitting and patches, assembling components and hardware, labeling, hardware packaging, enhance flaming, individual and bulk finish product packaging, and small component part and finished product inventory handling.  CPM also will work with the customer with specialty post operations, i.e. chemical additives, certified and UL product labeling, and product direct drop shipment. CPM intent is to serve the customer complete needs allowing the customer to focus on more important aspects of his business and his customers.

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CPM knows how important the product color is, producing the correct color, doing it repeatedly, and giving the customer choices. CPM uses two methods of producing our many different colorants. The primary process is the extrusion operation and it is for the high usage volume production. The second process is the dry blending, using it for the low usage volume production.  CPM also offers a stone effect colorants as well and typically these colorants are already pre-blended resin base.  CPM offers six standard extruded colorants, four stone effect colorants, and twelve standard dry blend colorants. Colorant availability is endless and all CPM need is a sample plastic color chip and / or pantone color chart number to match your preferred colorant.

CPM primary base polymer resin usage is a prime grade polyethylene and ranging from low to high densities. Other base polymer resin usage is polypropylene, EVA, and Specialty polymer resins per customer end application need.